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Galilee Furniture (1970 Export) Ltd. factory was established in Nahariya in 1969 by Mr. Hans Freund and has been managed by his son Dani Freund since 1980.

Galilee Furniture specializes in major custom furniture projects for large institutions and business enterprises all over the country.

Each element of furniture is manufactured according to the client's order and the plans prepared by his architect.

While we have the greatest respect for architectural plans we also send our own teams to take exact measurements on site.  We then prepare our own drawings detailing all aspects of the project, thus ensuring an exact fit and perfect coordination with all other systems and trades involved in the project.

For this purpose we maintain a large and experienced planning department whose function is to break up architectural plans into the finest details and cooperate with architects to provide our clients with products that meet their requirements perfectly.

our plant occupies about 3,000 sq.m. of floor space and contains modern computerized equipment for efficient and precise production, and our employees are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the industry who work together as a team to successfully manufacture and install large and complex furniture systems.

Galilee Furniture (1970 Export) LTD

Contact Us

HaYotsrim 5, Northern Industrial Zone

Nahariya, Israel


P.O.B 116

Tel 972-4-9825568

Fax 972-4-9825948

Thank you.

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Galilee Furniture has also worked with museums. In these kind of projects the items on display require a unique combination of variety of materials such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel, wood and others. Assembling the elements of the exhibition requires a combination between the furniture and the elements around it; illumination, graphics and multimedia. As well, it demands precision and high level of professionalism to make the furniture compatible with the characteristics of the museum and at the same time remaining practical.  

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Bright Bedroom


Galilee Furniture has been working for years with the best architects in the field to produce furniture for the most prestigious hotels in Israel. These projects demand a high level of precision to ensure standards of quality and execution demanded by our customers, the capacity to work in close coordination with project architects and the ability to cope with challenging implementation schedules.


The capacity of Galilee Furniture to answer to special assignments and architects' demands has enabled it to work on unusual projects and produced complicated pieces of furniture.

These projects include luxurious convention centers, special study rooms, sumptuous staircases, entrance-halls and others.

Moreover, Our company has produced furniture for the public spaces and residents clubs in the most prestigious homes for the elderly in the country. 

Modern Office

Luxury accommodation & 
Homes of the Elderly

Modern Office

Working with international companies requires the highest standards of performance in the world of wood working. Usually the furniture of these companies are the platform upon which they present their best products, therefore the furniture maker has to give special attention to the smallest details for a perfect quality finish.

International Companies

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Our company has been engaged on big projects for government institutions, producing furniture for tribunals, municipal meeting rooms, government cabinets and conference halls. As well, our company has been the proud supplier of quality products for the national blue and white label.

Government Institutions

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